MRW Sps 466 - Sleeper Transport Wagon

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With the Sps 466 sleeper transport wagon, the world of track construction wagons in Train Simulator gets an addition!

Discover 3 different paint schemes with 2 different loading variants each now! The Sps 466 is a sleeper transport wagon, built in large numbers from 1968 onwards in the wagon construction factory in Niesky. Later, on behalf of the DR, the wagons were rebuilt in order to be able to be included in so-called fast conversion trains. Since 1998, the wagons have been used by the DB under the designation Sps 466.

The model for Train Simulator features a detailed model, high-resolution textures and inscriptions. Functional couplings & an authentic soundscape finish off the experience. 2 scenarios and various QuickDrive train sets are included for a quick start with this wagon. 


  • Sps 466 Sleeper wagon with lots of details
  • 6 versions total included: 
    • 3 different liveries (grey, grey-green, yellow)
    • 2 loading variants (1 long sleeper stack or two short sleeper stacks)
  • detailed and high resolution textures
  • working couplers
  • detailed, authentic soundscape
  • QuickDrive consists for the most common locomotives included
  • 4 scenarios included

Included scenarios:

  • MRW [Sps 466] – Construction Site Part 1
  • MRW [Sps 466] – Construction Site Part 2
  • MRW [SPS 466] - Long & Heavy
  • MRW [Sps 466] -Supplies for the Construction

Required DLC’s (only for the included scenarios):

  • Pegnitztalbahn (DTG)
  • DB BR 232 (DTG)
  • EU Asset Pack (DTG) (Caution, might already be included in your Train Simulator installation!)

Detailed informations
Version Version 1.2 Änderungen: - Zugschlussscheiben hinzugefügt - 2 Neue Aufgaben auf der Pegnitztalbahn hinzugefügt - Kollisionsboxen angepasst
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