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The DB BR 425, a 4-coaches long efficient and light EMU was ordered by Deutsche Bahn in 1994 and built, beside the suburban-specific DB BR 423 for German S-Bahn services, by a consortium of Siemens, Adtranz/Bombardier and the DWA (Deutsche Waggonbau AG). The difference to its siblings, the DB BR 423 and 424, is that this type of EMU was built for normal stopping services. The equipment is slightly different: each car has one door less and one of the two motorized cab cars was fitted with a lavatory, that is handicapped accessible.

In total, 249 4-coach units split into 5 different sub-classes, were built. These sub-classes have slightly different fittings, such as additional steps at the doors and a different interior in general. Technically, the trains are almost identical, including the derived classes 424 (S-Bahn Hanover) and 426 (stopping trains). There are some different train safety systems in these classes, the first and the third batch of units were fitted with LZB and are permitted to run with speeds up to 160 km/h, while the rest of the trains are limited to 140 km/h.

 During the first years of service, a couple of issues were reported on these newly built units. Especially the braking systems lead to major issues and caused train delays during daily use. Passengers criticized the noise and the overall interior in general. Deutsche Bahn was able to eliminate most of these issues with rebuilds, that were applied over the time. Today, all trains run under Deutsche Bahn AGs REGIO franchise and can be seen throughout Germany.

The representation for Train Simulator models the first batch of this EMU and is fitted with LZB, allowing speeds up to 160 km/h. All details of this class were prototypically represented and taken over to its digital model. Naturally, the lavatories are included, as well as the footboards.

This package includes two versions of this train. A clean variant and slightly weathered version. Of course, all features and gimmicks which our customers love, are included. Adjustable sun blinds and windows, EBuLa, and even new features like adjustable seats and camera adjustments are included. The interior has been completely and prototypically built and can be inspected by using one of the different passenger views, that come with this package.  These features are accompanied by more complex functions like the manual door controls and a realistic handling and driving behaviour. Prototypical and fully operating PZB and LZB are also included. Working destination blinds and automatically adjusting coach numbering complete this pack.

This EMU is aiming for more experienced users, the included manual should be read carefully to guarantee an optimal driving and operating experience in Train Simulator.


  • Two variations (clean & slightly weathered) included
  • Prototypical driving behaviour
  • Complex simulation of acceleration and braking
  • LZB with Befehl40 to pass signals at danger
  • Prototypical PZB V2.0
  • Zeit-Zeit SIFA
  • Operating EBuLa
  • Manually and automatically operating door controls (adjustable)
  • Drivers seat height adjustments with adjusting camera position
  • Working gauge lights
  • Cab light and reading light
  • Windscreen wipers with interval operation
  •  Pantographs with modelled electrostatic discharges
  • TS effects like raindrops and lens-flare
  • Different camera positions and angles inside the cab and the coaches
  • Working and adjustable destination blinds
  • Optional easy start-up procedure (cold and dark)
  • Compatible to TS save feature
  • Prototypical sound effects

Notice: The installation program allows to select additionally created Normal map textures to reduce RAM usage. These might be helpful to reduce RAM usage of the 32Bit version to prevent crashes of the game. The overall texture quality might be affected in a very small way. The 64Bit version of Train Simulator does not require these reduced textures.

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