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This 3D ZUG package featuring the Hbbills 311 sliding-door wagon for Train Simulator includes eight different levels of weathering as well as various texture levels. The wagons feature numerous elaborate details, realistic sounds and coupling and brake hoses. An optimised K1 version is included along with consists and four scenarios.

Due to the increasing demands of the industry, more than 500 new wagons of the Hbbills 311 type were ordered in 2000 and 2001 (on the basis of the Hbbi(ll)s 305/306 wagon). In order to meet current needs, the wagon was designed within the UIC-frame measure according to the latest information. A load height of more than 3.2m and an extension of further 2m created a cargo space of more than 140m³. As a result, the wagon contained an incredible 50% more space than its predecessor.  3D ZUG has taken up this modern wagon and elaborately and lovingly realised it for Train Simulator.

Thanks to the CarCreator utility, eight realistic versions of weathering as well as conditions from brand new to 'never seen a brush before' can be depicted. They can all be selected independently. Realistic sounds as well as a KI optimised version, along with four included tasks, complete this add-on.

  • Highly detailed Hbbills 311 sliding-door wagon
  • Selection of various texture levels
  • Includes eight different levels of weathering
  • Numerous elaborate details
  • Realistic sounds
  • Coupling and brake hoses
  • Realistic inscription
  • Optimised KI version included
  • Includes four scenarios
  • Consists included

The four tasks require the following DLC:

  • 2 scenarios for Berlin-Leipzig, DTG BR 189 or BR 182, ICE-T
  • 2 scenarios for Coblenz-Trier, optional: BR 182

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