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This 3D ZUG package features the ultra-modern covered Hccrrs auto transport wagon, available here with highly realistic summer and winter textures, three different levels of weathering, selectable texture detail level, different levels of graffiti on the wagons, more than 100 dynamic numbers and accurate sounds. The CarCreator feature lets you install individual versions of the wagons to quickly give you a great variety of realistic consists.

The ultra-modern Hccrrs auto transport wagon guarantees protection even for the most expensive cars and features highly realistic textures and accurate lettering with a special focus on every little detail. This wagon pack includes 3D ZUG's well known CarCreator, which lets you install individual versions of the wagons to give you a great variety: three different versions of weathering are selected randomly for each car in a train to make realistic consists possible, without any further editing by the user.
Two scenarios for the Leipzig-Berlin Route Add-On are included in this pack, so you can easily go for a rolling start! Get this modern piece of rolling stock and upgrade your fleet!         
Key features

  • Hccrrs-Auto transporter high-detail version (DB traffic red)
  • Summer and Winter textures
  • Three different weathering versions (light, medium, dirty
  • Four different graffiti designs
  • CarCreator chooses the appearance of each wagon randomly (weathering and graffiti)
  • Selectable appearance of graffiti on the wagons (0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% probability)
  • Wagons with different weights when being loaded or unloaded
  • Three texture detail levels choosable (optimised, normal and high resolution - see the manual for details)
  • Detailed wagon models and lettering with more than 100 dynamic numbers
  • Accurate sound including 'whisper brake' sounds (K-Sohle)
  • Quick Drive consists for different locomotive add-ons (BR120, BR155, BR189/Taurus) included.
  • Two scenarios for the Berlin-Leipzig Route Add-On included (DB BR 189 Locomotive Add-On and the Ruhr-Sieg-Line required to run the scenarios)
  • Newly developed and optimised AI versions

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