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This 3D ZUG collection of Talgo night train wagons provides nine different wagons and highly detailed interior views in the restaurant and in the seating cars. Realistic sounds are included, along with optional passengers and four scenarios which require additional payware routes to be installed.

Passengers on this exceptional night train can expect sheer comfort and total relaxation. Put into service in 1994 and based on the Spanish RENFE hotel trains, the Talgo was expected to put travelling comfort on another level. For this purpose the train type InterCityNight (ICN) was developed specifically, following the slogan 'doing things in a big way'.

At the time the first five examples of the Talgo Pendular 200 were comprised of 112 wagons. Unlike other night trains, this train originally consisted only of sleeping and seating cars along with a restaurant. Apart from couchette cars that were added at a later stage, two machine cars formed the end of the train. In due course the Talgo trains, along with conventional night trains, were grouped under DB Night Train and then under DB City Night Line before the trains were decommissioned in 2009 for reasons of economy.

However, 3DZUG hasn't forgotten the Talgo and we now offer this train in our usual first-class quality to add to your fleet. There are nine different wagons in total that are waiting for a new home. Would you rather experience the train as a passenger instead of just being an external spectator? No problem. We have provided not one, but two highly detailed interior views with the restaurant and seating car.

Needless to say, we also thought of the car. These can be carried along on the passenger carriage DDm 915 that is included additionally - naturally with the proven CarCreator for maximum variety. Realistic sounds, four included tasks and numerous Quick Drive block trains complete the package.

  • InterCityNight (ICN), DB NachtZug (NZ) and DB City Night Line (CNL) livery
  • Ddz Machine car
  • Dz Machine car
  • Bvcz Berth sleeping car
  • Bpcz Seating car
  • Bpcbz Seating car handicapped accessible
  • WRkz Bistro and front desk car
  • Wrz Dining and lounge car
  • WLAz Sleeping car
  • DDm 915 Car carrier
  • Detailed interior Bvcz
  • Detailed interior WRkz
  • Realistic sound
  • Passengers can be loaded
  • 2 scenarios included for Hamburg-Hannover Standard or EL (requires Hamburg-Hannover, DTG Metronom, DTG BR 189 Dispolok OR vR BR 189 EL)
  • 2 scenarios included for Berlin-Leipzig Standard or EL (requires Berlin-Leipzig, DTG BR 189 Dispolok or vR BR 189 EL)
  • Consists included vR 101 EL, DTG BR 120, DTG BR 101 (Ham-Han)

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