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Faster, higher, stronger - 3DZUG moves up! Longingly awaited, it's finally here: Our brand new Laadgs transporter!

Once again, enjoy almost endless possibilities in task construction. More than 40 partly unusual variants can be generated thanks to the CarCreator. Carry small vans, containers or even a low-entry tram: you have it all in your hands! Design the train exactly according to your personal wishes - or be surprised and leave the choice to our CarCreator.

A highly detailed carriage with matching sound, train end signs and dynamic numbers is waiting for you. Different individually selectable levels of detail guarantee maximum fun. For the first time the car also adapts its appearance to winter conditions. For even more variety in your tasks, the loads can also be placed as objects. Come on board and experience the maximum variety with great attention to detail!


  • Car can also be used when empty
  • Three texture levels (optimized, normal and high resolution) (Attention: Please read the notes!)
  • Detailed car models and inscriptions with over 100 dynamic numbers
  • Detailled sound
  • QuickDrive for Steam locomotives BR 145 / 155 / 232 / 189 / Taurus included
  • Loads can be placed as objects
  • 6 different loads (bus, tram, single and double flatbed, transporter, container) with up to four different colours
  • CarCreator decides randomly (42 possibilities per car and 84 per car set)
  • Loads individually selectable
  • Winter appearance
  • Laadgs transporter in two different colours (brown / dark brown)

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