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Hold on tight and be ready for an experience of superlatives!

Three highly detailed car models are waiting to be transported by you on the ultra modern car. Our unique CarCreator generates one of 3 variants per vehicle type, giving you 54 different possibilities per car. You have your own concrete idea and want to transport only one special car type? No problem! That is also possible, as you can select each type of car separately. The Laaers car transporter is available in two highly detailed versions - orange and traffic red - with appealing textures and differentiated lettering that can easily resist a closer look. In addition, you can modify the car to suit your own requirements and choose between 4 different levels of soiling:

Do you really like it dirty, or are you more of a cleaner? Either way, live it up! Of course, this car is also equipped with an individual sound and tail light and presents itself as an extremely detailed model with dynamic numbers and textures. One car - endless possibilities!


  • Laaers car transporter in orange and traffic red (different models)
  • Four different levels of dirt, individually adjustable for both versions
  • 3 different loads (convertible, station wagon, sports car) in 3 different colours
  • CarCreator decides at random (54 possibilities per car and 108 per car set), but can also be changed (one or two car types per car)
  • Car types also individually selectable
  • Car can also be used when empty
  • Additional high-resolution textures included (Attention: Please read the notes!)
  • Detailed car models and inscriptions with over 100 dynamic numbers
  • Matching sound
  • Quickriveor Steam locomotives BR 145 / 155 / 232 / 189 / ER 20 included

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