Luxury trains "Gold Edition"

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Experience luxury travel on a new level in this Gold Edition

Includes two addons "Orient-Express" and "Rheingold 1928" - retail price: 42,90 €

Features Rheingold 1928:

  • Rheingold original version from 1928: 1st class, 1st class with kitchen, 2nd class, 2nd class with kitchen and luggage car highly detailed included
  • SA 4ü 28, SA 4üK 28, SB 4ü 29, SB 4üK 29, SPw 4ü 28
  • all cars have interior views and are accessible
  • Interior designed according to original building plans and accessible for the first time in almost 100 years
  • Various train destination displays included
  • Animated brakes
  • Joined couplings
  • Passengers can optionally be switched on and off
  • Different levels of detail for all PC systems
  • Optimized AI version for scenarios
  • Quickdrive unit for vR BR 110 blue/beige, V 200 and vR BR 101 included
  • 4 scenarios included (4x Köln-Koblenz, optional with BR 18 (Steam))

Features Orient-Express:

  • Orient-Express epoch 1 (brown version) consisting of 2 different sleeping cars, dining and luggage cars
  • Orient-Express epoch 2 (blue version) consisting of sleeping, dining and luggage trolley
  • dining cars additionally available in brown-beige and brown
  • realistic sound
  • new people
  • high-resolution and normal textures
  • Day and night version for more details
  • realistic passenger view for the dining car included
  • more than 10 minutes of classical music included
  • Luggage & passengers can be switched on and off
  • Consists for BR 18 (Steam) already included
  • 4 scenarios for Köln-Koblenz included (requires route Köln-Koblenz, BR 18 (Steam), European Loco and Assetpack)

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