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When the pre-series of the n-cars or the so-called Silberlinge for local transport was started more than 40 years ago, nobody could have guessed how durable and versatile these cars would become. Our N-Car Bundle contains our complete series of n-cars starting with the prototypes, over the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s versions.
Various scenarios are already included. Total value of the bundle: 36,95 €


Silberlinge of the 2000's:

  • 1x 2nd class Bnrz 436 interior style "Hannover"
  • 1x 2nd class Bnrz 451 interior style "OFV"
  • 1x 2nd class Bnrz 446 interior style "OFV"
  • 1x 2nd class Bnrz 450 interior style "Dbm"
  • 1x 1st/2nd class ABnrz 418 interior style "Dbm"

Silberlinge of the 90's:

  • 1x 2nd class Bnrz 451 interior style "Hannover"
  • 1x 2nd class Bnrz 451 interior style "OFV"
  • 1x 1st/2nd class ABnrz 418 mit Pivoting sliding doors
  • 1x 1st/2nd class ABnrz 418 mit folding doors
  • 1x 2nd class Bnrkz 493 "Kaffeeküch"

Silberlinge of the 1980's:

  • 1x 2nd class Bnrz 724 
  • 1x 2nd class Bnb 709 
  • 1x 1st/2nd class ABn 703 
  • 1x 2nd class Bnb 719 in experimental coating (1986)

Silberlinge of the 1970's:

  • 1x 2nd class Bnrz 724
  • 1x 2nd class Bnb 709
  • 1x 1st/2nd class ABn 703

Silberlinge "Prototyp"

  • ABn 701 Prototyp
  • Bn 714 bottle green (riveted) Prototyp
  • Bn 715 Chromoxyd Prototyp
  • Bn 720 Prototyp
  • Bn 720 oceanblue Prototyp
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