Sgjkkmms CE-Containerwagen

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One click - almost unlimited possibilities: This is what our new Sgjkkmms container wagon promises! More than 200 combination variants leave nothing to be desired and guarantee optimal gaming fun. The first prototypes of this versatile transport wonder were built as early as 1978 to cope with the emerging container traffic.  Finally, from 1981, the Kraftprotz was produced in series. You can now drive this unique container wagon in the Train Simulator in a first-class quality that can withstand any close-up.

The wagon can be loaded with either 20 foot, 40 foot or tank containers: You alone decide what you want to transport! Or you can alternatively put the decision in the hands of our CarCreator. But not only the cargo in the form of containers of well-known shipowners, the wagon itself is also convincing in summer and winter: many loving details up to the correct attachment make our Sgjkkmms so unique! A brand new sound rounds off this first-class car.


  • Highly detailed Sgjkkmms container wagon
  • Detailed labeling with over 100 dynamic numbers
  • 20 foot, 40 foot, reefer and tank containers
  • Over 200 possible combinations (all container types per wagon)
  • Various degrees of dirt
  • Winter textures
  • Containers can also be selected individually
  • Functionality of the CarCreator adjustable according to your preferences (please refer to manual)
  • Car can also be used when empty
  • Additional high-resolution & high-performance textures included (Please refer to manual)
  • Container can be used as scenery object
  • Optimized version for AI traffic
  • 1 scenarios for Berlin-Leipzig already included (requires TS 2016, Ruhr-Sieg-Linie, European Loco and Asset Pack)
  • Various Quickdrive train consits included
  • Repaint license included 

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