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Delays in operations - that's what it's often called succinctly when things don't go as they should. But what is behind it? Track construction work, broken points, a deadlocked brake or has a car perhaps even gone off the rails? Whatever the scenario, one thing is certain: a special train has to get to it!

Our tried and tested standard auxiliary train now receives active support from the new 3DZUG rail crane. This is one of the largest rail cranes used in Germany and a real heavyweight: It weighs more than 100 tons and can now finally be put into action in the Train Simulator on site. Almost all conceivable scenarios can be simulated: DB's emergency crane is used for damaged rail vehicles, while the track and switch construction crane is available for construction work.

With 3DZUG, however, these extraordinary rail vehicles do not come alone, but have a number of accompanying vehicles in their luggage, such as ultra-modern multifunctional containers (application-oriented containers - AOC). With these, the crane hoist crew has everything they need on board, from workrooms and workshops to sleeping facilities, lounges and a kitchen with refrigerator. All these details have also been lovingly implemented by us.

With this crane train you get high-quality special vehicles, which make your scenarios even more varied and realistic - and almost incidentally you are now the proud owner of the largest and most modern crane available in the Train Simulator. For all those who are now itching to use the crane train immediately, we have added 4 exciting scenarios.

Content & Features:

Crane train emergency technology:

  • counter wagon
  • material wagon
  • Crane boom protection wagon
  • Kran KRC 1200
  • Kran KRC 1200 ‘Mammut’ Notfalltechnik Leipzig
  • AOC: Residential, workshop, energy wagons (WWE)
  • AOC: Sleeping & Sanitary wagons (SSA)

Crane train track and junction construction:

  • counter wagon
  • material wagon
  • Crane boom protection wagon
  • Crane KRC 1200 rail construction
  • Flat wagon without load

Unified helper train:

  • 3-part unit auxiliary train of the DB AG
  • 3-part standard auxiliary train of the DR
  • DR freight train escort car in dark green
  • DR freight train escort car in emerald green
  • DGT crew wagon in yellow

 Further Features:

  • Static BR 185 and several freight wagons
  • Realistic labelling
  • Highly detailed design
  • Realistic sound
  • KI-Versions included
  • Crane cabin as passenger view
  • Quick-Drive consits
  • Different resolutions for textures

Four tasks (The tasks require the following DLCs: Cologne-Koblenz line, DTG BR 218, DTG BR 442, 3DZUG Verkehrspack freight car as well as the European Loco & Asset )

Der Kran ist selbst nicht fahrbar und wird als Wagen mitgeliefert.

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