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Once again 3DZUG invites you to dive into a bygone era - into the 30ies of the past millenium. This period was dominated by speed. Thus considerable efforts were made in the German Reich to speed up the journey time by rail. In 1931 the decision was taken to develop a high speed locomotive for average travelling speeds of 150 km/h.

Moreover, it was noted in the specifications that the engines could pull 250 tons (5 - 6 wagons) at 150 km/h and were designed reach a maximum speed of 175 km/h, if delays had to be made up for.
While none of the just three engines that ever were produced, is in working order today, 3DZUG takes you directly into the driver's cabin of one of the most elaborate engines ever created by us.
A myriad of details is waiting to be discovered lovingly animated fireman will actively support you in stoking the necessary fire on your spectacular drive.

Apart from the 05 001, we also provide the 05 002 engine holding the world speed record in black. This engine attained a top speed of 200.4 km/h in 1936 and, therefore, made history as Germany's fastest steam engine. The package is completed by two tasks of the Niddertal route (Niddertalbahn) which will take you straight back in time.


  • DRG Class 05 001 red livery high detailed steam locomotive
  • DRG Class 05 002 black livery high detailed steam locomotive
  • DRG Class 05 001 tender
  • DRG Class 05 002 tender
  • High detailed drivers cabin
  • Interactive drivers cabin
  • Animated boilerman
  • Sophisticated lettering
  • Realistic sound
  • Two sessions for Niddertal route already included


  • T-ANE SP2
  • Niddertal route Trainz Store version ( Get it here )
  • First Class Ticket recommended

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