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For better harmonisation between TEE and long-distance trains and therefore to offer well-heeled customers a completely new level of comfort, German Railways developed a new concept at the end of the 1960s: this was the birth of the InterCity! With the frequent services that then prevailed, the intention was to make regular stops at all the important economic centres in the Federal Republic of Germany. The fact that InterCity trains were from now on converging at all the important interchange stations made it possible to change trains comfortably and to travel in a relaxed way. These InterCity trains, generally comprising 1st class cars, can now be driven for the first time in T:ANE. The cars not only look impressive, but are also technically impressive with a multitude of details and refinements. The vehicles will thus stand up to any close-up shot and have an elaborately designed passenger view. In the process you can choose between a number of seat positions, so that you can take a virtual tour of the car: because you are of course not travelling on your own!

You can also freely tailor the design of the car to your wishes: clean or dirty, round or arched roof, red or black skirt. An interactive help system explains every option in the game to you on request.
Everything is covered from a technical viewpoint too. The car has independent sound, its own braking characteristics, automatic car numbering, functioning brake indicators and an adjustable magnetic brake.
Two sessions for the "Niddertalbahn Multiplayer” track complete the package.

Get on board and extend your vehicle fleet with these cars, which are rich in detail.

  • Avmz InterCity 1st class passenger high quality car
  • three different levels of cleanliness, customizable for each car
  • roof can be changed between “curved” and “barrel”
  • skirt (apron) can be changed between black and red
  • detailed passenger view with passengers (day / night compatible)
  • cars are illuminated in the night
  • detailed model and sophisticated lettering
  • more than 100 real and dynamic UIC train numbers
  • real sound including brake and coupling
  • configurable and animated magnetic brake
  • animated doors
  • individual coach numbers
  • customized engine file
  • configurable train destinations
  • real working brake indicators per coach (show red and green)
  • two sessions for “Niddertalbahn-Multiplayer” (kuid2:620415:100035:9 on DLS) track including audio guidance
  • visible UIC coupling
  • taillights
  • interactive ingame help system
  • supports winter textures
  • supports passenger assets
  • made for T:ANE
  • compatible to Trainz 2012 (please read included information)

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