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The "King of the Trains" or the "Train of dreams"– there are a number of myths and legends about this particular train that everybody knows: the Orient Express.
However, with all admiration it is often overlooked, that it was not merely a single train: the Orient Express consisted of several luxury trains and had its peak period in the 20s of the previous century. The enormous network linked Europe from Amsterdam to Constantinople (today known as Istanbul). Let us whisk you away to this fascinating time of departure for new shores and extravagance in our Orient Express. Developed using cutting-edge technology, you can travel through time to the 20s with us. Experience first-hand what it meant to travel on the Orient Express and safely take the luxurious wagons and their wealthy passengers to their destinations.  

Apart from the realistic sleeper, this pack also consists of the restaurant as well as the baggage wagon. The trains have the CIWL livery for era 1 and era2 and it goes without saying that they feature the original destination signs from Amsterdam to Constantinople. Thanks to our resource-conserving construction , both external and passenger view feature far more details despite having the same performance.

Enlarge your fleet with this unique and unrivalled gem. Take a seat in the restaurant and listen to classical music brought to you by the piano player. Leave the Here and Now behind for a moment and experience the special flair of the past. Drive the unique Orient Express Era 1 and 2 for the first time in Trainz Simulator - the legend awaits you!
• Orient-Express wagons for era 1 (brown) sleeper, dining and baggage wagon
• Orient-Express wagons for era 2 (blue) sleeper, dining and baggage wagon
• realistic sound
• day and night version supporting more details (quivering light)
• realistic passenger cabin (dining wagon only)
• individual taillights at day and night
• high resolution textures
• more than 10 minutes of classical music included
• support for passenger, luggage and mail products
• one session for Kickstarter County included

Requires T:ANE SP2!

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