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If it is hot and cold for you even without the flu, then maybe you are - proud owner of our Shmmns-Coil car. Whether hot as fire or ice-cold, with this spectacular marvel of technology you can transport hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel from the rolling mills to industry in no time at all. The wagon presented in 2016 is equipped with the latest technology and the greatest possible transport performance: Equipped with whisper brakes, it ensures a minimum of noise emissions.

When designing this coil wagon, we placed great value on maintaining its modern appearance, but at the same time showing signs of wear. A detailed inscription as well as a suitable "winter outfit" round off the overall impression. Thus we have optimized the "winter clothing" already known from previous cars again: For an even more realistic look, we now have elaborately created icicles and snow accumulations. Depending on your mood, different loads can be displayed. A realistic car sound, animated brakes (with icicles!) and the train tail boards round off this unique car. 

Two scenarios for the free Niddertalbahn (can be downloaded in T:ANE) are already included in this package. Get on board and add this highly detailed car to your fleet.


  • Shmmns-Coil wagon, highly detailed
  • load size 800mm, 1400mm, 1800mm and 2200mm selectable
  • 2- or 3-fold steel loading selectable
  • All cars can be equipped individually
  • Empty state usable (different weights)
  • Animated brakes
  • Detailed labelling
  • Matching sound including whisper brakes (K-block)
  • Winter textures including icicles and snow (January and February automatically active)
  • Different coils with different gloss properties possible
  • Two tasks for the Niddertalbahn included
  • Car recognizes whether it is loaded or unloaded and changes small details
  • Visible UIC (screw) coupling
  • with over 100 dynamic UIC (internationally standardized wagon numbers) numbers
  • supports Trainz industries

Perfect functioning in Trainz 2012 and older cannot be guaranteed. 
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