This page describes the frequently asked questons about out Online Shop.

1. Order / Receiving Items

1.1 How or where can I get my purchased items?

The items listet in our shop are downloadable items. You're able to download them any time from any place. You can find the downloads in your customer account under "JTG MyDigital Library" (or: JTG MyDigital Library). If you get there from your customer account you'll don't need to relog there, otherwise you can login with your general account details used for the shop.

Attention: Some items are Steam items! In this case you only buy an activation code for Steam. Please have a look at the items details.

1.2 What happens if I keep my 14 days return?

As per law we are obliged to enable a 14 days return policy also for downloadable items. Of course such items can't be returned in a conventional way, you'll able to download your items after these 14 days after payment.

1.3 I already bought items from 3rd party producers (3DZug, vR, etc.) in their Online Shops. May I download them here, too?

No. We are not able to unlock those items in our shop for you. You'll still have to download them from the producers system. Such features are against our policies about handling customer data and they are against the law.

1.4 I've got a season pass from JTG that I wasn't able to redeem yet. What can I do?

We know that there are some season passes. If you own one, please contact us. The activation requires a customer account so please register first and send us the information printed on the season pass.

2. Fragen zu E-Mails oder dem Newsletter

2.1 I don't receive mails from Join Together - Online Shop

Some free mail hosters require entries to address books. If you don't receive mails, please add our store email to your address book (shop(at)join-together.de). Also please check junk and spam folders. If you've all done this and you think the problem is at us, you're welcome to contact us. You'll find the necassary information at the bottom of this article.

3. This text didn't answered my question. I want to contact Join Together - Online Shop

You're welcome to contact us at any time. Please use the form on this page. If you are customer, please add your name and/or email to your request. If you need help with a specific order or invoice, also add the order number or invoice number to your request, please. You'll find the information on your invoice or in your customer account.

Our team will process your request as soon as possible. All incoming requests are categorised and prioritized what can cause some requests to be processed faster or slower than others. We are not always able to process requests in chronological order.