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The PFA company developed the "PUmA" coaches at the end of the 1990s. The concept was to use the undercarriage of old passenger coaches and put the new coach body on top. Due to a complaint from a well-known sports goods manufacturer, the carriages were renamed "Modus carriages" (Modular Conversion System). A few coaches were converted from the Bpyz 456.0 to the Bpydz 456.9, with a bicycle compartment at one end of the coach. The wagons had a modern design but were already taken out of service in 2011 because of the lack of accessibility.

The Train Simulator implementation comes up with a detailed model and high-resolution textures and lettering. Adjustable train destination displays, dynamic vehicle numbering, functioning couplings & an authentic soundscape round off the experience. Included are two cars in a total of 4 variants (Bpyz 456.0 and Bpydz 456.9), once each in DB Regio red and once each with "DB Gebrauchtzug" advertising. 2 scenarios and various QuickDrive train sets are included and enable a quick start. 


  • Modus coaches with lots of details
  • 4 versions included
    • Bpyz 456.0 DB Regio
    • Bpyz 456.0 Gebrauchtzug
    • Bpydz 456.9 DB Regio
    • Bpydz 456.9 Gebrauchtzug
  • detailed and high resolution textures
  • working ZZA implementation
  • dynamic coach numbering (according to the real version)
  • working couplers
  • detailed, authentic soundscape
  • compatible with virtualRailroads locomotives
  • QuickDrive consists for the most common locomotives included
  • 2 scenarios included

Included scenarios:

  • MRW [Modus] – The Transfer
  • MRW [Modus] – RB 66 Regional Service

Required DLC’s (only for the included scenarios):

  • Münster – Bremen (AS)
  • DB Bnrbdzf Region Elektro / BR 111 (2020) (vR)
  • EU Asset Pack (DTG) (Caution, might already be included in your Train Simulator installation!)

Detailed informations
Version Version 1.1 Changelog: - Interior model refined, including all new textures - DB logo on the passenger doors not longer slightly distorted - Various changes on the model & texture itself
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