JTG BR141 Blau-Beige/BDnrzf Scenario Package

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JTG Classic: This product, which was released in 2016, has now been permanently reduced in price.

DB History: The new way of travelling with old trains in modern time.

Relive the era of old railways in regular service. Operate the Class 141 locomotive and the driving trailer BDnrzf by mastering five different scenarios. Three off them will lead you between the cities of Cologne - Koblenz. Two more scenarios challenge your abilities on the route between Koblenz and Trier.

Required AddOns:

  • Koblenz / Trier ( Aerosoft / Steam )
  • EU Asset Pack
  • Cologne - Koblenz ( DTG )
  • vR BDnrzf + BR141 Blue-Beige

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