JTG E50 Scenario Package "Rhine on Fire"

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Welcome! Become a locomotive driver, take your seat in the cabin of a locomotive of the Class E50 series and experience the "Rhine on Fire".

Operate the class E50 locomotive by mastering five different scenarios. Two of them will lead you between Trier and Koblenz. Three more scenarios shall challenge your abillities on the rail line from the city of Cologne to the city of Koblenz. Drive one of the last remaining locomotives for the special event "Rhein in Flammen".


  • Five scenarios with the E50

Requirements for this scenario pack:

  • Koblenz - Trier ( AS )
  • Cologne - Koblenz ( DTG )
  • EU Asset Pack
  • BR150 ( DTG )
  • vR E50 ( vR )

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