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Delay in operation. A sentence which often causes discomfort for all travellers. Can I make my connecting train? Will I still reach my destination on time? Experience this situation in this scenario from a different perspective. Track occupancy, urgent goods and last but not least an ICE train travelling in front of the train require your full attention in order to keep the delay that can no longer be caught up to a minimum. You should also keep a watchful eye on LZB.

Drive the ICE 9563 from Karlsruhe via Mannheim to Frankfurt as a train driver for this single scenario. Knowledge of LZB and PZB is essential.

Key features:

  • ICE 9563 to Frankfurt
  • 60 Min Playtime
  • Challenging scenario
  • contain custom announcements
  • Special operating procedure


Required DLC's:

  • Frankfurt Highspeed (DTG)
  • BR407 (DTG)
  • Güterverkehrspaket (3DZUG)
  • EU Asset Paket (DTG)

JTG Advanced Edition is aimed at interested players who want to experience unusual operating situations at Train Simulator. The tasks are usually more demanding and contain little or no instruction. Train control systems are essential in addition to a feeling for the vehicle to be driven. We invite the player to experience the Train Simulator together with us in a different way through partially scripted scenarios. Solutions and hints are only available in the manual. Slowly and consciously increasing later, we would like to start with the task "ICE 9563 from Karlsruhe via Mannheim to Frankfurt" as the first product. 

We explicitly invite the player to drive some of the scenarios a second time in order to test a different approach.

What to expect from JTG Advanced Edition:

+ Partially scripted scenarios 
+ Exceptional operating procedures
+ Inspired by real happenings

What not to expect from JTG Advanced Edition:
+ A 1:1 representation of real situations 
+ 100% representation of driving regulations 
+ To be driven only by "railway experts" 

Detailed informations
Version Hotfix 1.2: Announcements should be back now It is recommended to delete the order Assets/JTG/ScenarioTools_3 and Assets/JTG/ScenarioTools_LZB manually before. An update with the new installation routine will be delivered later.
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