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Die bekannte JTG Edition enthält das Fahrzeug "TSG Vossloh G6" sowie das "JTG Vossloh G6 Aufgabenpaket" im zeitlich begrenzten, preislich attraktiven Bundle. 

TSG Vossloh G6:

The Vossloh G6 was originally developed for the Train Simulator 2015 and is still a visually and technically sophisticated development in the TrainSimulator. Today, the locomotive is again available for the Train Simulator without any changes to the original version in order to ensure maximum compatibility with existing tasks. The locomotive is exclusively available at the Join-Together.

The Vossloh G6 is mainly used for train composition in passenger stations and in industrial and freight shunting services. However, line services can also be provided with the locomotive which is optionally designed for up to 80 km/h. The Vossloh G6 is a diesel-hydraulic shunting locomotive. It has three axles, each of which is supplied with drive power by the 650 kW diesel engine and via the installed Voith turbo transmission (hydrodynamic two-converter transmission). All wheelsets are disc-braked and additionally supported by a very efficient hydrodynamic braking force via the torque converter transmission. Tractive and braking force control is carried out indirectly via an electronic (time) control with up/down commands. In addition, the locomotive is equipped with a radio remote control (unfortunately, this cannot be implemented in the train simulator). The wheelsets are disc-braked.

A total of six different Vossloh G6 variants are available in this product. On all locomotives, the shunting coupler (RK900) can be mounted and dismounted in the game itself. A cold start (for upgrading) and an immediate start (directly drivable) are available for each locomotive.

- Prototypical driving behaviour 
- Double driver's platform
- Hydrodynamic drive with 2 gears 
- High beam and step lighting
- Manual rig up process
- Switchable instrument illumination
- Hydrodynamic brake
- Reading lamps and driving position lights
- Prototypical PZB90 and time-time Sifa
- Additional platform cameras
- Authentic sound from a G6
- Removable RK900 shunting couplings

The vehicle is intended for advanced users and the manual provided should be read carefully in order to be able to use the vehicle with all its functions in the Train Simulator without problems. With this extension we deliberately did not change the folder structure so that this version is also compatible with older tasks.

JTG Vossloh G6 Scenario pack: 

"Come in, two lengths of train and STOP" is what it blasts out of the radio. This usually means: It is time for shunting again. In this task package you will experience a workshop trip in which you will search for damaged trains in over ten shunting movements and at the end of this trip you will carry out a shunting trip to the parking area. Experience side tracks in this combination that aren’t heavily frequented in regular operation. Supply the local cement plant with raw materials and drive a heavy freight train in double traction for short distances. You will be challenged together with your "Vossloh G6" locomotive. Always keep a watchful eye on the track and make sure that the coffee in your cab doesn't tip over ;)


Included scenarios: 
- Freight train to Müllheim
- Delivery to Istein
- Return journey from the cement factory
- Maintenance Service

- Own announcements included in the scenarios
- Verbal shunting instructions for reverse driving 
- Interrelated scenarios 

Required DLC’s: 
- Vossloh G6 (TSG or vR)
- Freiburg Basel (AS)
- EU Asset Pack

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