JTG BR 111 (2020) Scenario Pack Vol. 1

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Take the 111 series with classic up/down control, a portion of n-carriage, plus a pinch of Wittenberg control car. This would probably be the ideal recipe, if you think about how you could best experience the old days of the German Federal Railways in a Train Simulator. Feel the spirit of the old German Federal Railroad in this scenario package, experience once again the charm of the leather-covered seats and what it means to feel every rail joint.

On the Black Forest Railway, the double-decker cars in operation there are currently being modernised. However, in order to maintain operations, some of the few remaining n-cars from the past have been brought together. Your job as an engine driver is to keep the timetable running. Shortly after your shift, you will have to go on another special assignment, during which you will have to transfer a fleet of cars.  

Included scenarios:
- [vR BR 111] JTG – Lonely journey
- [vR BR 111] JTG – Foggy Matter
- [vR BR 111] JTG – RE 4712 (Part 1)
- [vR BR 111] JTG – RE 4712 (Part 2)

- contain specially recorded announcements
- various, exciting tasks
- 4 scenarios in the romantic Black Forest

Required DLC’s:
- DB Bnrbdzf Regio Elektro / BR111 - 2020 (virtualRailroads)
- Konstanz – Hausach (JTG / Steam)
- EU Asset Pack (DTG) (Attention, may already be included in your Train Simulator installation!)

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