JTG BR401 Scenario Package Vol. 1

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German class BR 401 was the first series-produced highspeed train in Germany and laid the foundation for six generations of this type of train to date. Handed over to operations in 1991, these trains run at speeds of up to 280 km/h and have around 700 seats connecting cities in Germany and Switzerland and have been shaping the image of German express rail traffic ever since. In the early 1990s, state guests such as Elisabeth II and the Japanese Emperor Akihito, also traveled through the Federal Republic of Germany in specially redesigned sets. According to current plans, this series should remain in service until 2030.

One of the typical routes of this class is the romantic Rhine Valley. Experience exciting trips through the World Heritage cultural landscape "Upper Middle Rhine Valley", between Koblenz and Frankfurt / Main, in our scenario package. Master the challenges of the evening rush hour and bring vacationers to Frankfurt Airport on time. Operational situations typical for the Rhine Valley will also challenge your skills when you take a seat in the driver's cab of this iconic series. You can also experience the operational effects of a technical defect on a locomotive in freight service to this main line.

Included scenarios:
- [ICE1] JTG – ICE 923
- [ICE1] JTG – Almost an ICE 1022
- [ICE1] JTG – Short hop to Frankfurt
- [ICE1] JTG – Traffic jam in the Rhine Valley

-specially recorded announcements
- various exciting challenges
-4 scenarios in the romantic Rhine Valley

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