JTG BR 412 Scenario Pack Vol. 1

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Since 2017 the ICE 4 is the latest member of the ICE generations of the Deutsche Bahn. Since the end of 2017, the 12-car version of this multiple unit train has been in regular service. From December 2020 the 7-part version of the train is now also to be used on German rails. You can already experience the 12-part ICE 4 with this scenario pack on one of the most important transport axes in Northern Germany between Hamburg & Hannover.

In four exciting scenarios, you will experience the challenges of a locomotive driver of DB Fernverkehr AG. Get passengers safely to their destination on the Hamburg - Hanover line and take the class 412 through the dark night in heavy rain and poor visibility. Pay special attention to the respective signal patterns, which, in addition to the miserable weather, demand your full attention.

Included scenarios:

  • [ICE 4] JTG – From Hamburg to Hannover
  • [ICE 4] JTG – Train Trip with Incident
  • [ICE 4] JTG – Transfer through the Night
  • [ICE 4] JTG – ICE 1676 to Hamburg


  • contains specially recorded announcements
  • various, exciting tasks

Required DLC's:

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