JTG BR155 Scenario Package Vol. 1

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The class 250 were heavy electric locomotives of the Deutsche Reichsbahn. In the course of harmonising the class designations with the Deutsche Bundesbahn, they were given the class designation 155 on 1 January 1992. Under this designation, the locomotive affectionately titled "Container" was in service with Deutsche Bahn AG from 1994 to 2019, mainly for covering heavy goods trains on almost all electrified lines in Germany.

Experience this unique series on the picturesque route between Koblenz and Cologne. Follow the Rhine and keep the most important Deutsche Bahn freight line in Germany running.

  • [BR155] JTG – Abschleppdienst nach Koblenz
  • [BR155] JTG – Fracht nach Andernach
  • [BR155] JTG – Überführung nach Köln
  • [BR155] JTG – Kurzer Sprung nach Remagen

Required DLC's:

  • Verkehrspack Güterwagen (3DZUG)
  • Köln - Koblenz (DTG)
  • BR 155 (DTG) (Partially already included in Cologne Koblenz, please check if BR 155 is part of your library!)
  • EU Asset Pack (DTG) (Attention, may be already included in your Train Simulator installtion!)

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