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New: Our JTG Theme Packages

Enjoy exciting scenarios around a main theme and experience TrainSimulator in a completely new and special way. Master challenging and special operational procedures, which are often based on real-life situations and have been adapted for Train Simulator with a view to a special gaming experience. The scenarios in the new JTG theme packages are always coherent and thus offer a special joy of playing.

An air raid bomb was found during construction work near Dresden's main railway station in Schweriner Straße. Defusing is planned for the next day from 11 AM. As the construction site with the discovery is close to the main station, extensive preparations are necessary. In addition, train traffic will stop in Dresden Neustadt during the defusing.

Experience a special operational situation in this themed package. Help DB Regio and DB Fernverkehr to clear the main station one day earlier on the instructions of the Dresden fire brigade. Drive the Class 407 to Dresden and try to get the passengers to their destination relatively punctually in the provisional timetable. Take one of the last possible ICE trains from Dresden to Frankfurt on the section to Riesa and enjoy the relatively free track.

After the defusing, you will be one of the first trains to resume service. Drive a booster to help the S-Bahn and DB Regio get the city and railway traffic around Dresden up and running again.

This package includes:

  • Various announcements, specially recorded for this package (for 3 of 4 scenarios)
  • Custom 3D objects
  • Exciting train rides with unusual situations
  • Related scenarios

Required DLC's:

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