JTG BR 407 Scenario Pack Vol. 1

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Hamburg, Cologne, Koblenz, Frankfurt and Mannheim are the cities that are always mentioned when talking about the pillars of the ICE network. You will visit some of these cities with the ICE in this scenario pack. Experience what it means to travel with the BR407 (also called ICE 3 (MS)) from Koblenz through the narrow stormy Rhine valley. And as if that wasn't enough, the tracks in the Rhine valley are once again fully booked, and that with wet slopes and a sometimes-sporty short braking distance. As is well known, the delay is easily made up for on the racetrack between Frankfurt and Mannheim. In this scenario pack, your journey begins a little further on: From Karlsruhe you drive an ICE to Frankfurt Main Station and must make up for some delay. And what is a journey by ICE that doesn't start with the banking district in the back?  

Included Scenarios:

  • [BR 407] JTG – Off to the Main Metropolis
  • [BR 407] JTG – The Short Leap
  • [BR 407] JTG – From the Main Metropolis to the Rhine
  • [BR 407] JTG – Stormy Ride


  • Specially recorded announcements in all scenarios
  • Exciting and varied AI traffic
  • Four interesting scenarios

Required DLC‘s:

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