JTG Rübelandbahn Scenario Pack

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Experience the unique Rübelandbahn, set in the time of the GDR in this scenario pack for Train Simulator. 

On the uniquely challenging gradients of the Rübelandbahn, a wide variety of tasks await you. Your faithful companion is always the E251, a 6-axle electric locomotive specially engineered for the Rübelandbahn. A real powerhouse. In this scenario pack,  you'll take over a special train of the local authorities, bring sulphur gravel to the famous Michaelstein railway station or move empty trains to the impressive lime works in Rübeland to be refilled. 

A total of 4 scenarios with numerous hours of gameplay are waiting for you!

Included scenarios:

    • [JTG] - Civil Servant Excursion
    • [JTG] - Heavy Goods
    • [JTG] - Harsh Winter
    • [JTG] - Over the Mountain


    • 4 challenging scenarios on the remarkable Rübelandbahn
    • A wide variety of AI trains

    Required DLC's:

    • TSG Rübelandbahn (Version 1.0)
    • EU Asset Pack (DTG) (Caution, may be already included in your Train Simulator installation!)

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