JTG Dresden - Leipzig Scenario Pack Vol.1

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Discover the Dresden - Leipzig railway line in a wide variety of situations with our scenario package!

The Dresden - Leipzig railway line was built in 1839 as the first German long-distance railway and is thus one of the oldest railway lines in Germany. In 1993, the extension began as part of the German Unity Transport Project (No. 9) and is scheduled for completion in 2030. Experience the line in versatile and exciting tasks as an engine driver in this task package. Drive the InterCityExpress from Leipzig to Dresden with a stop in Riesa. Or transfer a class 401 to its destination after closing time during LZB maintenance work. Explore this unique route with the well-known RegionalExpress 50 and master the tight timetable of the S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland.

Included scenarios:

  • JTG [LD] – The Nightworker
  • JTG [LD] – ICE 1553 to Dresden
  • JTG [LD] – RE 50 to Leipzig
  • JTG [LD] – S3 to Wurzen


  • specifically recorded announcements
  • wide variety of exiting tasks and AI traffic
  • 4 scenarios in different operational situations

Required DLCs:

  • DB ICE 1 (3DZUG)
  • Dresden – Leipzig (DTG) - Verkehrspack Güterwagen (3DZUG)
  • EU Asset Pack (DTG) (Caution, might be already included in your Train Simulator installation!)
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