JTG MRCE Displok Scenario Pack

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Enjoy the busy, yet beautiful schedule of a train driver on the famous Rhine-valley, with our exclusive scenario pack for the MRCE Dispolok pack!

Mitsui Rail Capital Europe GmbH (MRCE) was founded in 2004 with the aim of leasing locomotives and making them available to various rail transport companies throughout Europe. Furthermore, the maintenance of vehicles based in Munich is one of MRCE’s services. Experience the well-known Class 66 in heavy container service from Koblenz through the beautiful Rhine valley in this scenario pack. Drive a heavy tanker train and experience what it means to be timed between other trains in the narrow Rhine valley. Special assignments, for example as a replacement locomotive in front of a night-time InterCity, round off this scenario pack and ensure many hours of fun.

Included Scenarios

  • [MRCE] RIVET – Class 66 to Mainz
  • [MRCE] RIVET – The Fuel-Train
  • [MRCE] RIVET – The Feeder (DGZ 73261)
  • [MRCE] RIVET – Nightly Replacement (ICE 208)

Key Features

  • Specially recorded announcements included
  • A wide range of exciting tasks with different locomotives
  • 4 scenarios in the romantic Rhine valley

Required DLC’s:

This scenario pack was developed in 2021 by Join-Together for Rivet Games and is now available in our shop as well.

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