JTG IC Mod Scenario Pack Vol. 1

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Experience with us in this exciting scenario package what it means to bring the IC 2012 on the section from Mainz to Cologne to its destination on time in two scenarios. If it weren't for the well-known bottleneck "Rhine Valley", where a small delay has a big impact on traffic. Of course, there are also unplannable failures, which require not everyday diversions in the Frankfurt area and demand a lot of patience and nerves from your passengers. Since the trains are in use a lot, they also have to be thoroughly cleaned every now and then and then taken to their next place of operation as an empty run. Get on board!

Included scenarios:

  • JTG [IC Mod] – Empty train to Cologne
  • JTG [IC Mod] – A short jump
  • JTG [IC Mod] – IC 2012 to Dortmund (Part 1)
  • JTG [IC Mod] – IC 2012 to Dortmund (Part 2)


  • specifically recorded announcements
  • wide variety of exiting tasks and AI traffic
  • 4 scenarios in different operational situations

Required DLCs:

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