JTG Lgms ZAS Scenario Pack Vol. 1

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Experience the unique BR 204 (V100 Ost) together with the "ZAS Lgms" freight wagons in the beautiful Black Forest in this scenario package. Help the Zweckverband Abfallverwertung Südostbayern with a big job in the Black Forest. Pick up the wagons after loading, transfer a train to Hausach in stormy weather with the BR189 under difficult conditions and master your timetable where construction sites and difficult circumstances will not make it easy for you. Have a good trip!

Included scenarios:

  • JTG [ZAS] - Quick Hop
  • JTG [ZAS] - Night Drive
  • JTG [ZAS] - The first Day
  • JTG [ZAS] - Off to Hausach


  • custom JTG scenario objects
  • wide variety of exiting tasks and AI traffic
  • unusual paths away from the mainlines

Required DLCs:

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