JTG Modus Coach Scenario Pack Vol. 1

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Welcome to the shift! Rhine in Flames is the name of annually organized large-scale fireworks displays that take place at different times on several sections of the Middle Rhine, starting in May. On five summer evenings, brightly lit passenger ships sail across the river in convoys to give their guests a view of the entire fireworks display, which is set off each time the ships arrive. As always, the crowds of visitors in the beautiful Middle Rhine Valley are correspondingly large. Help visitors to the Rhine Valley reach their destination in two tasks with Modus coaches provided by DB Gebrauchtzug. Also drive one of the almost legendary last trains from Mainz to Frankfurt from Saturday to Sunday and bring celebrating guests home. Such trains are not without reason also jokingly referred to as rag and bone collectors...

Oh, and before we forget, the wagons have to be transferred somehow. So get ready and experience the Modus carriage once again in its prime on behalf of DB Gebrauchtzug.

Included scenarios:

  • JTG [Modus] – Used Trains
  • JTG [Modus] – Rhine on Flames – Part 1 (including announcements)
  • JTG [Modus] – Rhine on Flames – Part 2 (including announcements)
  • JTG [Modus] – The Mainz Rag and Bone Collector (including announcements)


  • various, interesting tasks
  • custom announcements included (where listed)
  • 4 scenarios on the busy Frankfurt – Koblenz route

Required DLC‘s:

  • Frankfurt – Koblenz (DTG)
  • DB Bnrbdzf Regio Elektro / BR111 (virtualRailroads)
  • Modus Coach Pack (MRW)
  • EU Asset Pack (DTG) (Caution, might be included in your Train Simulator installation already!)

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