DB BR152 Expert Line

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The package contains eight different versions of the DB BR152 and the freight wagon Uacs RandomSkin. The vehicles differ in equipment and livery.

The following functions are integrated into the DB BR152:

  • Prototypical driving behavior
  • Complex regulation system with AFB
  • LZB with Command40 to pass a signal at danger
  • Prototypical PZB 90 V2.0
  • Brake modes R-P-G
  • Brake system with overcharging of the main
    air pipe pressure 
  • Delayed and smoothly regulated e-brake
  • Pantographs selectable and preselectable
  • Panto sparks with sound
  • Time-time SIFA
  • Double formation possible
  • Spoken system anouncements with priority
  • Usable EBula 
  • Switchable instrument lights
  • Cab light and desk light
  • Wipers with interval speed control
  • Standard TS effects
  • Extended camera positions
  • vR ZZA compatible
  • SAT and SSTF doors interlocking system compatible
  • Scenario Save function compatible
  • Rolling Start compatible
  • Ingame language selection 
  • Realistic sound optimized for EFX

The following vehicles are included in this ExpertLine package:

  • DB BR152 traffic red
  • DB BR152 traffic red / dynamic number
  • DB BR152 DB Cargo
  • DB BR152 DB Cargo / dynamic number
  • DB BR152 Railion
  • DB BR152 Railion / dynamic number
  • DB BR152 Logistics
  • DB BR152 Logistics / dynamic number
  • Uacs Freight Wagon / RandomSkin

The package includes Quick Drive Settings

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