DB BR185.2 Expert Line

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The package contains nine different versions of the DB BR185.2 The vehicles differ in equipment and livery.

The following functions are integrated into the DB BR185.2:
  • Prototypical driving behavior
  • Complex regulation system with AFB
  • LZB with Command40 to pass a signal at danger
  • Prototypical PZB 90 V2.0
  • Brake modes R-P-G
  • Brake system with overcharging of the main
    air pipe pressure 
  • Delayed and smoothly regulated e-brake
  • Pantographs selectable and preselectable
  • Panto sparks with sound
  • Time-time SIFA
  • Double formation possible
  • Spoken system anouncements with priority
  • Usable EBula 
  • Switchable instrument lights
  • Cab light and desk light
  • Wipers with interval speed control
  • Standard TS effects
  • Extended camera positions
  • vR ZZA compatible
  • SAT and SSTF doors interlocking system compatible
  • Scenario Save function compatible
  • Rolling Start compatible
  • Ingame language selection 
  • Realistic sound optimized for EFX

The following vehicles are included in this ExpertLine package:

  • DB BR185.2 traffic red
  • DB BR185.2 traffic red / dynamic number
  • DB BR185.2 Railion Logistics
  • DB BR185.2 Railion Logistics / dynamic number
  • DB BR185.2 Railion
  • DB BR185.2 Railion / dynamic number
  • DB BR185.2 without logo
  • DB BR185.2 without Logo / dynamic number
  • DB BR185.2 399 Special Painting

The package includes Quick Drive Settings

Requirements for the installation:

  • Internet connection
  • A actual version of the Steam-Client must be installed
  • A TS2017 or later installed into a Steam-Useraccount
  • Login into the Steam-Useraccount which has TS2017 or later installed, in Online-Mode

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