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The DB Class 150 is a six-axle alternating current locomotive and a part of the “Einheitslokomotiven” series that was designed to use standardized parts and techniques to produce a range of identical Locomotives adapted for specific duties. The DB Class 150 itself was originally created for heavy fright services.

The following functions are integrated in the BR150:

  • Prototypical driving behaviour
  • Tap-changer notch control
  • Monitoring function for important values like voltage, traction motor temperature 
  • Manually selection of the pantograph 
  • Brake system with overcharging of the main air pipe pressure
  • High braking for the locomotive brakes
  • Real sounds optimized for EFX
  • Realistic Indusi I60R
  • Time-Time-Sifa
  • vR EBuLa system
  • Switchable instrument lights
  • Desk light and cab light
  • Separately switch-able wipers with speed control
  • Standard TS Effects
  • vR ZZA compatible
  • Scenario save system compatible

The following vehicles are included in this ExpertLine package:

  • DB BR150 022-2
  • DB BR150 025-5
  • DB BR150 044-6
  • DB BR150 057-8
  • DB BR150 090-9
  • DB BR150 127-9
  • DB BR150 DynNr 1
  • DB BR150 DynNr 2
  • DB BR150 DynNr 3
  • DB BR150 DynNr 4
  • DB BR150 DynNr 5
  • DB BR150 DynNr 6
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