DB BR141 Traffic-red Expert Line

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The Class 141 is a four-axle alternating current locomotive and a part of the “Einheitslokomotiven” series that was designed to use standardized parts and techniques to produce a range of identical Locomotives adapted for specific duties. The BR141 was an exception in this program since it was built to reduce the overall costs of the locomotive. The well-known banging noise of the tap changer mechanism was a result of these low costs. Equipped with KWS, a push pull system, the BR141 was mainly used for commuter and regional services. But also, lightweight freight trains were seen around electrified branch lines.

The following functions are integrated in the BR141:

  • Prototypical driving behaviour
  • Up/Down Tap-changer notch control
  • Monitoring function for important values like voltage, traction motor temperature 
  • Manually selection of the pantograph 
  • Brake system with overcharging of the main air pipe pressure
  • High braking for the locomotive brakes
  • Real sounds optimized for EFX
  • Realistic PZB90 / I60R
  • Time-Time-Sifa
  • vR EBuLa system
  • Switchable instrument lights
  • Desk light and cab light
  • Separately switch-able wipers with speed control
  • Standard TS Effects
  • vR ZZA compatible
  • vR Bnrbdzf Wittenberger DVT compatible
  • Scenario save system compatible

The following vehicles are included in this ExpertLine package:

  • DB BR141 221-2
  • DB BR141 366-5
  • DB BR141 382-2
  • DB BR141 DynNr 1
  • DB BR141 DynNr 2
  • DB BR141 DynNr 3
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