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The Class 141 is a four-axle alternating current locomotive and a part of the “Einheitslokomotiven” series that was designed to use standardized parts and techniques to produce a range of identical Locomotives adapted for specific duties. The BR141 was an exception in this program since it was built to reduce the overall costs of the locomotive. The well-known banging noise of the tap changer mechanism was a result of these low costs. Equipped with KWS, a push pull system, the BR141 was mainly used for commuter and regional services. But also, lightweight freight trains were seen around electrified branch lines. 

Functions BDnrzf / DB BR 141:

  • Prototypical driving behaviour
  • Up / Down tap-changer
  • Monitoring function for important values
  • Brake system overcharging of the main air pipe pressure
  • Brake modes P and G
  • Manually selection of the panto graph
  • Realistic PZB90 and INDUSI I60R with train mode O/M/U
  • Time-Time SIFA
  • Switchable instrument lights
  • Desk and Cab lights
  • Separately switchable wipers with speed control
  • Standard TS Effects
  • vR ZZA compatible
  • Scenario save compatible
  • Real sound optimized for EFX

The following vehicles are included in this Expert-Line package:

  • DB BR141 362 Blue-Beige DB AG with PZB90
  • DB BR141 405 Blue-Beige Bundesbahn with I60R
  • DB BR141 Blue-Beige DynNr1 DB AG with PZB90
  • DB BR141 Blue-Beige DynNr2 Bundesbahn with I60R
  • DB BDnrzf Blue-Beige DG AB with PZB 90
  • DB BDnrzf Blue-Beige Bundesbahn with I60R
  • ABnrzb DB AG with disc brakes
  • ABnr Bundesbahn with block brakes
  • Bnrzb DB AG with disc brakes
  • Bnr Bundesbahn with block brakes

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