DB BR218 Traffic red Expert Line

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The package includes two versions of the Diesel locomotive DB BR218. One of the two has the first generation of bogies installed, the other one has bogies developed by MAK installed.

Functions DB BR218:

  • Prototypical traction and braking behaviour
  • Prototypical monitoring of important temperatures e.g.engine oil, cooling water etc.
  • Temperature operated roof and body-side grill vanes
  • Brake system with timing chamber
  • Brake modes R/P/P2/G available
  • High braking rate in modes R & P2
  • Prototypical PZB with train type O / M / U
  • PZB Advisory System
  • SiFa Vigilance System
  • Fast and Slow Traction modes
  • KWS / KDS Push-Pull / Multiple operation systems
  • Switchable instrument lights
  • Separate windscreen wipers with variable speed
  • Light cone regulation
  • TS camera position and weather effects
  • vR EBula system
  • Prototypical soundscape optimised for EFX

 The following vehicles are included in this ExpertLine package:

  • DB BR218 246-7 traffic red
  • DB BR218 246-7 traffic red / Cold
  • DB BR218 299-6 traffic red / MAK Bogie
  • DB BR218 299-6 traffic red / MAK Bogie / Cold
  • DB BR218 traffic red / Dyn No. 1
  • DB BR218 traffic red / Dyn No. 2 / MAK Bogie 
  • DB BR218 traffic red / Dyn No. 1 / Cold
  • DB BR218 traffic red / Dyn No. 2 / Cold / MAK Bogie

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