Through the Heart of Berlin (S 25)

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This add-on, which was created on behalf of the Berliner Verein Historische S-Bahn e.V., shows everyday life on the Berlin S-Bahn as it once was. The year 2006, the year of the Football World Cup in Germany, was chosen as the date. This does not fit in with the fact that at this time all the old trains had already disappeared from the S-Bahn network and that all the supervisory staff, with a few exceptions, had disappeared from the stations. But it could have been otherwise... The trains are operated by radio or light signal, announcements are made on the platforms. 11 scenarios reflect a day at the Berlin S-Bahn with 12 hours travel time. One day - spread over 4 seasons and different weather conditions - with many conceivable and actual facets of the operation of the Berlin S-Bahn.

The included S-Bahn, a "rivet-reco" of the class 476.3 brings the old Berlin S-Bahn song back to the city. Driving and especially braking needs to be practised. The train has a single release brake. The brake can be applied in several steps, but can only be released in one. It is a real challenge to place a train of 135m length to the platform of 145m length.

The add-on for the TrainSimulator 2021 from DTG contains the Berlin S-Bahn line S25 from Hennigsdorf üer Tegel, Schönholz, Bornholmer Straße, Gesundbrunnen, Nordsüd-S-Bahn tunnel, Südkreuz Lichterfelde Ost to Teltow Stadt. Also included are two branches, one to Berlin-Pankow and one to Waidmannslust. The add-on also includes: the S-Bahn train of the series 476.3 "Nietenreko" and for the AI the series 481/82 (non-drivable)and 143 (non-drivable) as well as various passenger trains and freight wagons. The add-on is completed by 11 scenarios with extensive voice output as well as 4 scenarios "fast game".

  • 47 km Berlin urban railway line,
  • 31 urban railway stations,
  • detailed Berlin cityscape with beautiful vegetation, amazing weather and night effects
  • 1 historical S-Bahn train of the 476.3 series,
  • as KI: class 481/82, 143, various passenger coaches and freight wagons

Hardware recommendation: Windows 64-bit, 8 Gbyte memory and TS2021 in 64-bit mode.

Update: 1.10 The changes are listed here (Virtual Tracks Blogspot)

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