JTG Pegnitztalbahn Scenario Pack Vol.1

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From Nuremberg to Bayreuth, or as the Franconian says "from Nämberch to Bayreuth", the RE 30 with the popular class 612 (Regio Swinger) travels smoothly around the curves of this picturesque Franconian diesel route. Experience the regional express from Nuremberg in the direction of Hof, Bayreuth as well as Schwandorf, which often causes confusion in this scenario package. The special feature here is a so-called winging, where the train is separated twice on the way to Hof according to the timetable. Give your passengers enough time to get on the right part of the train in Hersbruck and Pegnitz. Discover what it means to drive the Advanced TrainLab over the line as part of a test run and don't forget the special train to the Bayreuth Festival, this time as 3 BR 648s coupled together.

Included Scenarios:

  • JTG – Off to the City of Festivals
  • JTG – Regional Service to Nuremburg
  • JTG – Bayreuth Festival Train
  • JTG – TrainLab Testdrive


  • 4 scenarios on the Pegnitztalbahn
  • various, interesting tasks to master
  • including custom recorded announcements for 3 scenarios

Required DLCs:

  • Pegnitztalbahn (DTG)
  • EU Asset Pack (DTG) (Attention, might already be included in your Train Simulator installation!)

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