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ICE 1 Scenario Pack Vol. 1
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News from the 24.12.2020

Merry Christmas!

The whole team of JTG wishes you Merry Christmas! Enjoy quiet days with your loved ones and recover a little from this crazy year.

News from the 06.12.2020

Scenario pack for the ICE 4 from 3DZUG

Now available: The scenario pack for the BR 412 (ICE 4) from 3DZUG. Experience the latest generation of the ICE in high-speed traffic between Hamburg and Hannover. But are you up to the challenge?

Find the scenario pack here (click).


JTG - ICE 106 to Freiburg - Free scenario for the 2. Advent
JTG - Emergency Services - Free Scenario for the 1st Advent
JTG – Almost like `79 - Free Scenario for the 4th Advent
JTG - Freight to Cologne - Free Scenario for the 3rd Advent


JTG BR 111 (2020) Scenario Pack Vol. 1
JTG BR152 Scenario Pack Vol. 2
JTG BR401 Scenario Package Vol. 1
Through the Heart of Berlin (S 25)