ICE 1 Scenario Pack Vol. 1
BR 111 2020
BR 152 Scenario Pack Vol. 2
G6 JTG Edition
RABe 523 Aufgabenpaket


3DZUG "OEBB Nightjet" JTG Edition
3DZUG Baureihe 05
Crane Train
JTG BR 146.2 Scenario package


News from the 16.10.2020


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News from the 29.08.2020

Scenario package for the ICE 1 from 3DZUG

Now available: The ICE 1 scenario pack Volume 1! Experience the beginning of modern German high-speed traffic in 4 scenarios on the romantic Rhine Valley.

Find the scenario pack here (click).


Hausach - Konstanz (A Konstanz - Villingen route extension)
JTG BR 425 Scenario Package Vol. 1
DB BR 425 Pro-Line
JTG Advanced Edition - ICE 9563 to Frankfurt


JTG BR 111 (2020) Scenario Pack Vol. 1
JTG BR152 Scenario Pack Vol. 2
JTG Advanced Edition - ICE 9563 to Frankfurt
JTG BR401 Scenario Package Vol. 1