JTG BR 425 Scenario Package Vol. 1

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Experience the legendary "Quietschie" in its most versatile range of duties, passenger transport. Drive the ET425 series in a total of 4 tasks from Konstanz to Hausach and back to Konstanz. Experience a whole shift as a local train driver. 

In version 2.1 we added a free bonus scenario.

This scenario package comes with its own announcements and extra objects for the scenarios.

Required DLC's:

Important: The installer supports both versions of the BR425, from Steam as well as from third party shops like JTG or 3DZUG for example.

Detailed informations
Version 2.1: Changelog: - AI-collision fixed (Scenario II) - AI-collision fixed (Scenario III) - Minor improvements to the timetable - Added a bonus scenario
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