JTG BR 425 Scenario Package Vol. 2

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Return to the BR425 cab. In this second task package, drive the legendary "Quietschie" in four exciting tasks between Frankfurt and Mannheim. Experience the tight timetable of the S7 from Riedstadt-Goddelau to Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof when you drive an S-Bahn amplifier for a large trade fair in Frankfurt. As a locomotive driver with DB Regio, you will serve the Karlsruhe - Frankfurt route. However, to ensure that there are enough vehicles available in the Frankfurt area for the timetable change, you must first drive a 425 unit to Frankfurt early in the morning.


- Transport through the night
- S7 amplifier Riedstadt - Frankfurt
- Regional Express from Karlsruhe to Mannheim
- Replacement Train to Frankfurt

- Specially recorded announcements


Requirements for this scenario package:
BR425 TSG (Steam or Retail)
Frankfurt Highspeed (DTG)
Verkehrspack Güterwagen (3DZUG)
- EU Asset Paket (DTG)  (Caution, may be already included in your TrainSimulator installation!)

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