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A new scenario Bundel for the German class 152 challenges you as an engine driver. Master heavy dust trains in complex tasks, support maintenance by bringing double-decker cars for periodic renewal and keep the country running in regular freight train service. Special circumstances such as train types who needs to be changed during the scenario and PZB modes are a particular challenge for you as an engine driver. Class 152 is based in Nuremberg but is in use throughout Germany. It’s used mainly for cargo trains, but is also able to be used in passenger traffic.

Climb onto the driver's cab and master all 9 scenarios!

Included scenarios:
- [BR152] JTG – Dusty Goods
- [BR152] JTG – Muellheim-Freiburg
- [BR152] JTG – PBZ-Train to Weil
- [BR152] JTG – Small Freight Round
- [BR152] JTG – Empty train to Villingen
- [BR152] JTG – DSG 1587 to Singen
- [BR152] JTG – Short ride to Donaueschingen
- [BR152] JTG – Special Train to Cologne
- [BR152] JTG – Cargo for the South

- Announcements included some scenarios
- Various, exciting scenarios
- 9 scenarios on the scenic Freiburg-Basel route, Cologne - Koblenz and from Konstanz to Villingen.

Required DLC's: 
AS Freiburg Basel (Aerosoft)
vR BR 152 Add-On (virtualRailroads)
Köln Koblenz (DTG)
Konstanz Villingen (vR)

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