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ICE 1 Scenario Pack Vol. 1
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News from the 01.04.2021

Snps Flat Wagons – JTG Edition

Now available from us: The JTG Edition to the Snps flat cars from 3DZUG. As usual, with the JTG Edition you get a high-quality product for Train Simulator, consisting of (in this case) a freight car set and the JTG scenario pack. And all this for a reduced total price compared to the separate purchase. What else is there to wait for?

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News from the 27.02.2021

New: The JTG Theme Packages

Enjoy exciting scenarios around a main theme and experience TrainSimulator in a completely new and special way. Master challenging and special operational procedures, which are often based on real-life situations and have been adapted for Train Simulator with a view to a special gaming experience. The scenarios in the new JTG theme packages are always coherent and thus offer a special joy of playing.

Click here for the THEME packages.


JTG Advanced Edition - ICE 9563 to Frankfurt
JTG BR 425 Scenario Package Vol. 1
Hausach - Konstanz (A Konstanz - Villingen route extension)
JTG BR401 Scenario Package Vol. 1


JTG BR401 Scenario Package Vol. 1
3DZUG - Snps JTG Edition
JTG Theme Package Bomb Disposal
JTG BR 407 Scenario Pack Vol. 1