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News from 17.02.2020

JTG Scenario package for the Class 146.2 from NiclasL

Now available at our shop:

The scenario pack for the class 146.2 from NiclasL. 4 challenging scenarios for only 7.95€.

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News from 17.12.2019


Now available at the JTG online shop:

The ÖBB Nightjet. There are 7 highly detailed carriages waiting for you, which bring a special kind of travelling to the Train Simulator.

Exclusively at our place: The Nightjet JTG Edition. In addition to the high-quality Nightjet, 4 challenging scenarios are included, at an attractive price.


Hausach - Konstanz (A Konstanz - Villingen route extension)
DB BR 425 Pro-Line
JTG BR 425 Scenario Package Vol. 1
3DZUG "OEBB Nightjet" JTG Edition


JTG BR 146.2 Scenario package
3DZUG "OEBB Nightjet" JTG Edition
3DZUG "OEBB NightJet"
Hausach - Konstanz (A Konstanz - Villingen route extension)