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News from 11 November 2023

JTG Pass 2024 is now available

As every year, we are once again offering a JTG Pass for the coming year. The pass is online in the shop until 31.01.2024. The JTG Pass 2024 is valid until 31 December 2024 and is active from the date of purchase.

Content of the JTG Pass 2024

+ Direct access to 59 products
+  Access to all JTG Scenario packages (incl. Scenario package bundles)
+  A total of 273 Scenario are included in the package
+  Products with a total value (as of 13/11/2023) of 572.22 EUR included
+  JTG and MRW vehicles, each in the JTG edition
+  Vehicles from our partner 3DZUG
+  A variety of newly developed vehicles, Scenario packages & JTG Editions guaranteed


JTG Advanced Edition - ICE 9563 to Frankfurt
vR BR323 Köf II Altrot
JTG BR 425 Scenario Package Vol. 1
JTG BR401 Scenario Package Vol. 1


JTG Pass 2024
JTG Pegnitztalbahn Scenario Pack Vol.1