ICE 1 Scenario Pack Vol. 1
BR 111 2020
BR 152 Scenario Pack Vol. 2
G6 JTG Edition
RABe 523 Aufgabenpaket


News from the 09.08.2020

The scenario package for the vR BR111 (2020)!

Now available in our shop: A proper portion of federal German railway flair with the scenario package for BR 111 including N cars and the Wittenberger driving cab car.

Find the scenario package here (click).

News from the 20.07.2020

Update for the BR 152 scenario package Vol. 2

We have found a small problem with a few users (mostly the problem was the location of Steam). This was fixed with this update. Please download the product again from the customer account.

For those who do not yet own the product: You can find the scenario package here (click).


Hausach - Konstanz (A Konstanz - Villingen route extension)
JTG BR 425 Scenario Package Vol. 1
DB BR 425 Pro-Line
JTG Advanced Edition - ICE 9563 to Frankfurt


JTG BR 111 (2020) Scenario Pack Vol. 1
JTG BR152 Scenario Pack Vol. 2
JTG Advanced Edition - ICE 9563 to Frankfurt
JTG BR401 Scenario Package Vol. 1