JTG Pass 2024

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The JTG Pass 2024 is valid until 31.12.2024 and runs retroactively since 01.01.2023. All customers who have purchased the JTG Pass 2023 will get in the JTG Shop after activation all corresponding products for 0,00 EUR displayed in the shop and can put them free of charge in the shopping cart and thus add them to the customer account. Customers who purchased the JTG Gold Pass in 2022 can switch to the JTG Pass 2023 with a corresponding discount.

Once purchased a JTG Pass (regardless of the year), you will always receive a a correspondingly high discount on the next one.

Content of the JTG Pass 2024

+ Access to 59 products
+ Access to all JTG Scenario packages (incl. package bundles)
+ A total of 273 scenario are included in the package
+ Products with a total value of 572,22 EUR included
+ JTG and MRW vehicles each in the JTG edition
+ 3DZUG vehicles
+ A variety of newly developed vehicles, JTG Editions guaranteed

upcoming additional content for 2024
+ 12 new task packs worth 95.40 EUR
+ at least 3 vehicles worth approx. 38.97 EUR

The customer will receive a notification by mail. The purchase of the JTG Pass has limited availability. However, all products remain in the customer account forever after the purchase of the pass. Activation is done by our helpdesk and can take up to 48 hours after purchase.

Overview of all products included in the JTG Pass 2024:

The products listed below are included directly with the purchase of the JTG Pass 2024. Until the end of JTG Pass 2024 (31.12.2024), a large number of packages / vehicles / JTG editions will be added.&

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